Best Solutions to Setup Printer at

HP printer provides superior printing solutions with maximum computer compatibility option. It offers top-quality services to home and office users. website helps you to setup and configure your printer. You only have to follow all the instructions carefully mentioned on that page. All the information written on this page is simple and can easily be understood by a non-tech person.

Seven Steps to Setup and Install Printer at

  • Unpack the printer and check all the accessories comes along with the printer
  • Also, try to find printer frills for the printing process
  • Place the paper into the paper tray of your HP printer
  • Connect your printer to the power cord
  • Switch on the device
  • Place the ink cartridges in left and right cartridges and start the printing process
  • Install the drivers or software of your printer from printer webpage after setup hardware of printer.

Steps of Setup HP Printer Wireless Protected at troubleshooting

  1. Firstly, switch on your printer.
  2. Open control panel and press on the wireless icon.
  3. After that, open settings and click on the Wireless setup wizard. Click on the continue button.
  4. Wireless wizard searches and display list of all available networks.
  5. Follow all on-screen instructions. Select the name of your network to complete the whole connection. Download HP wireless software if needed.
  6. Enter the home network and password of SSID. Connect your HP printer to the wireless network.
  7. You can use the WPS button to connect your printer directly to your router.
  8. Press WPS button of your printer and router to connect your printer directly yo the home network.

In case, if the installation wizard shows any error then, Uninstall all the drivers from your device

Steps to Uninstall Existing Drivers

  • Open Apple menu and device setting in your computer.
  • Select the printer which you want to connect with your device.
            • Select drivers or software which you want to uninstall from Windows.
  • For MAC devices, go to system preferences and then click on printers and scanners.
  • Select appropriate printer to remove it.
  • Try to re-install the update after uninstalling the existing printer.

Steps of Printing Techniques on the Printer

  1. Open the document that you want to print.
  2. Press Ctrl + P to open the print window and click on the properties of the printer.
  3. The user can select the setting for final printing under the properties menu.
  4. The Orientation of the page can be changed between portrait and landscape.
  5. You can also change margin and duplex printing before printing.
  6. After changing the setting, click on print to print the document.

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