Find Out Way to Transfer HP Envy 5544 Printer Drivers

HP Envy 5544 printers are stylish as well as highly reliable. You can use these printers anywhere by downloading the printer drivers or software from 5544. You can use these printers for dual-purpose for any application such as copy, scan or fax several documents. These printers can easily connect with any network type like Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB. It also supports Wi-Fi features and mobile printing. It supports free services such as ePrint, cloud print and Air Print.

How to Setup and Install HP Envy 5544 Printers from 5544?

If you have purchased a new HP Envy 5544 printer then the first thing that need to do is to install the printer or printer code as it confirms that your printer is connected to a network or affiliation. After this, install the printer code on your computer and follow below steps:

  1. Open the download menu in your laptop or computer. Now, select the download driver package.
  2. To open the downloaded file, double click on the package. You can also open it by right click on the package and click on open.
  3. After that a dialogue box is open. Click on run or affirmative to continue the installation process.
  4. A affiliation screen display in your monitor. Click on move to code choice page.
  5. Select the customize software from the code choice page.
  6. If you agree terms and conditions then click in the check box. After that click on next button to start the installation process of HP printer.
  7. Place your hand-picked drivers in your computer and wait for sometime until the installation process is completed.
  8. Now, you can see the affiliation screen from where you can set the connection.
  9. You can also search your printer according to affiliation kind. After that click on continue to complete the installation method.
  10. You have to bring up your computer after completing the installation process.

Seven Steps to Transfer HP Envy 5544 Printer Drivers

  1. Open 5544 webpage.
  2. Enter the printer model of your printer within the search bar and click on search button.
  3. After that, you get the list of drivers or software that are displayed on the screen.
  4. Select the suitable driver from the list of available driver and pick out the acceptable one suitable for your printer.
  5. Click on transfer button.
  6. The transfer process can take place in few seconds.
  7. You have to install the driver once the transfer process is completed.

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