Simple Steps to Download Printer Driver for 5085

Today, printer are used in several fields for various purposes. 5085 is compact size printer. It is the cheapest printer that have high printing quality. HP Envy 5085 is a multifunctional color printer used for printing, scanning, copy and faxing. This printer comes with built-in wifi. It print the document wirelessly by connecting it with tablets, smartphones and other wireless-enabled devices.

HP Envy 5536 Printer.

HP Envy 5085 printer comes in dark grey color with raised pattern of curves. It supports automatic double sided printing feature and wireless direct printing feature. This printer comes with borderless printing feature and supports Mac and Windows operating systems. With this printer, you can scan email and send that document directly to any one from your printer. You can download the printer driver by using the installation CD that comes along with printer or by visiting 5085 webpage.

Steps to Download Updated Driver for Windows Device of 5085

  • Firstly, ensure that your computer is set according to the printer manual which comes along with HP Envy 5085 printer.
  • Go to Windows if you want to change the device install for your HP Envy 5085 printer. After that, click on the device change option to install the settings in control panel.
  • After that, install the driver for your 5085 printer and change the setting of device installation in the control panel settings.
  • A display box with a pop box appears on screen to download the driver or software for 5085 printer.
  • Follow all the instructions at 5085 to download the driver or password. It will help you to get a good quality of printed document.
  • How to Download Print Driver or Software Using a Printer Setup Wizard?
  • To install the built-in driver, use the Windows Add a Printer wizard. Go to control panel and select the control board device for successfully installation of printer.
  • Now, click on view gadgets to select appropriate driver for your 5085 printer.
  • After that, select your device i.e. HP Envy 5085 printer from your window device. Your printer is now in running mode and now you can use download driver or software from a printer setup wizard by following on-screen guidelines.
  • To refresh the printer driver, click on the window refresh. After that select the name of your printer and follow all the directions.
  • Include a host-name or printer utilization TCP/IP address. Type the IP address of printer.
  • By using an add a printer wizard, your printer driver will get installed.

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