How to Update Printer Driver for HP Envy 5530 at 5530?

HP Envy 5530 is one of the best printer which is suitable for home and office purpose. It has a feature of Automatic duplexer which decrease the efforts of feeding the papers when we want to print the paper on both sides. It also supports mobile printing solutions such as ePrint, AirPrint etc. You have to create an account if you want to print from the cloud. The built-in feature of this printer are printing notebook and graph paper.


Steps of Printer Driver Update Using Device Manager

By using device manager, you can easily update printer driver of your 5530 printer. Follow below instructions step by step:

  1. Firstly, click on Start button of your Window computer present at left corner of the screen.
  2. Open control panel to access the device manager.
  3. Scroll down after entering control panel and search for Device Manager.
  4. Click on view devices and search your HP Envy 5530 printer.
  5. Select your printer from the displayed list of printer device.
  6. Select the driver update option. Here, you can also download the printer driver if you needed.
  7. Enable the option of automatic update so that you update the driver automatically with latest version when new version is available without checking whether latest version is available or not.


How to Download Printer Driver of HP Envy 5530 Manually?

When automatic update option is not available then you need to download and update the driver of your printer manually by following below steps.

  1. Visit 5530 and download the printer driver manually.
  2. Open the setup file of your printer from the downloaded software.
  3. Ensure the printer driver which you have downloaded should be compatible with your HP Envy 5530 printer.
  4. Open device manager. After that select your printer device from the list.
  5. Select the driver update option. Click on “OK” button after completing the process of driver download.


Steps to Get Automatically Update of Printer Driver Using Driver Support

There are some built in printer driver in HP envy 5530 printer. Follow below steps to get update automatically of printer driver. You can make use of built-in printer driver support to get update of driver of your HP Envy 5530 printer.

  1. Go to control panel to enable the automatic update of printer driver.
  2. Here, you can also change the device installation option.
  3. Select the change device installation settings and changes the setting according to your preference. Save all the change make in setting.

The computer will download the latest version of printer driver when any latest version is available.

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