Steps for First Time Setup of HP Envy 5534 Printer at 5534

HP Envy 5534 is a compact multi-functional printer with scanning, printing, copying and faxing features which looks more attractive as compared to printer. There is not any visible buttons on the printer. It has include scanner glass lid with attractive look. The front panel of the printer can open at 45 degrees to reveal paper input tray and power button is touch enabled. This printer has a memory card slot in the front side for printing the documents directly from pen drive. You can easily set up your wired or a wireless connection. If you want to download and install the printer driver then visit 5534. 5534

First Time Printer Setup of HP Envy 5534

The set up procedure for your HP Envy 5534 printer is very easy. 5534 website is beneficial for those who are the first time users and have limited understanding and information to setup a printer. Follow below steps for unboxing and set up of your printer:

  1. Open 5534 to upload the product from its box. Remember to remove all the packaging components carefully from the device.
  2. Select the appropriate place to place your printer from where you can access your printer easily and comfortably.
  3. Turn on your printer by plugging one end of the power cord into closest power socket. Plug in the other end of the power cord into the printer. Press the power button On.
  4. Connect your HP Envy 5534 printer with laptop or computer by using the cables. Do not prefer to use a wireless connection for first time printer setup because it can alter the performance of the printer.
  5. Head on ink cartridge installation process after connecting your devices. Firstly remove the packaging from cartridges to start installing ink into your HP Envy 5534 printer and then place it into designated holders.
  6. After that, place plain and unused white paper in paper tray. Start the printing process by pulling paper tray out and load paper into the provided space.
  7. Adjust the sheets and close the paper input tray.
  8. Align your printer by pressing OK button on the printer alignment option which is flashing on the screen of the printer.
  9. At last, pull paper output extender. Get ready to get a copy of the alignment page.
  10. Your HP Envy 5534 printer is set and ready to print a paper once a copy of the alignment page is printed out perfectly.
  11. Follow all detailed instructions on printer setup for your HP Envy 5534 printer given at 5534.

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