Simple Steps for First-Time Setup of 5085 Printer

HP Envy 5085 is a reliable, effective and budget-friendly printer. It uses minimum resources and provides better output. 5085 does not compromise in the printing quality and able to work in the extreme conditions. It is a compact size printer which make it able to fit into any space. It is the ideal choice for home and office use. It can complete the printing process on time with the support of appropriate and latest printer drivers. It is an excellent choice for high quality and coloured printing. The input tray of this printer can take 60 sheets and the output tray can take 25 sheets at a time. It has also the option of wireless printing and supports duplex printing, ePrinting, Cloud Printing and AirPrint. Mobile printing is only possible by using printing app such as ePrint and AirPrint depending on operating system of your mobile phone. It also supports a wide range of paper size.

First-Time Setup of 5085 Printer

  1. Firstly, you have to remove the tape and packaging material all around your printer and components that comes along with HP Envy 5085 printer.
  2. Keeps the flaps to the sides so that it does not hinder the elimination of contents inside.
  3. Remove the cardboard of the printer gently to protect the printer from any type of damage.
  4. The cardboard of the 5085 contain the installation CD, ink cartridge and power module. You can use CD/DVD comes along with printer or download printer driver from 5085 to install the printer driver software.
  5. Tilt your printer and lay it on the flat surface so that you can easily remove all the components of the printer from the box.
  6. Gently drag HP Envy 5085 printer out of the box by using the handles of the cover. Remove all tape and packaging material on all the sides of printer.
  7. Keep aside user guide comes with your printer and follow all step of setup guide.
  8. Remove the cover from your printer. Peel away the blue tapes on HP Envy 5085 printer. Open the ink cartridge access area of the paper output tray. After that remove the packaging material.
  9. Similarly, remove the packaging materials in the Paper Input Tray.
  10. At last, read the guide to install the ink cartridges and load unused Paper into the Paper Trayfrom the user manual and complete the setup of your printer.

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