Steps to Fix Network Connection Issues of 5530 Printer

HP Envy 5530 is a multi-featured printer that can print, copy, scan or print the images or documents. It is a inkjet printer that give high quality printing and option of borderless printing. It is ease to use and offers extra ordinary printing output. 5530 has SD card slot which means that you can print the document with wired or wireless connection. Before starting the printing process, make sure to download and install the printer driver software by accessing 5530.

HP Envy 5530 printer helps you in your office work. Some of the interesting features of this printer are HP ePrint, built-in WiFi, cloud printing, Apple AirPrint and mobile printing solutions to print the images or documents from mobile phones and tablets of company. Before printing the documents from HP Envy 5530 printer, make sure that you have setup your printer correctly and download the appropriate driver for your printer. 5530 is inexpensive and luxurious printer. It also supports automatic duplex printing and wireless networking printing. With this printer, you can easily print the document from Android or iOS devices. You have to install driver software to function properly. If you download and install outdated or wrong printer driver that it may effect the performance of your printer. So, it is essential to download and install the printer driver carefully.

How to Fix Printer Network Connection Issues?

  1. Firstly, restart your router, HP Envy 5530 printer and computer.
  2. Set the firewall of your computer or laptop to allow download or installation from 5530. There is a possibility that firewall render the printer from accessing the laptop or printer.
  3. Eliminate all the metal objects as well as blocks between 5530 printer and router. Ensure that there is no radioactive devices in the path.
  4. If you have Apple device then heck whether your router supports bonjour setting or not.
  5. This setting is essential for the Apple devices to communicate with the network. After that check that LED light is near to the wireless icon is steady or not.
  6. Also, verify that HP Envy 5530 printer has the same network as that of computer or not.
  7. In the next step, check the IP address. In case, your IP address does not matched with your network then enter the valid IP address printers control panel.
  8. Keep your router and printer within the range. If the distance is greater then the signal are weaker and may cause the network connectivity issues for HP Envy 5530 printer.

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