Driver Installation for 5542 Printer

HP Envy 5542 is a multifunctional printer that allows you to print, copy, scan and print. With this printer, you can print high-quality documents. It supports automatic two sided printing and mobile printing documents. This printer is designed with elusive features. It is very easy to print the documents or files from 5542 printer through a digital printer setup. This printer assists you to experience the comfort zone with design and compact size of printer.

Steps for Driver Installation for Windows

Follow below steps for installation of printer driver on 5542 printer device:

  1. By using HP CD/DVD you can easily executed driver installation. Before continue the process of driver installation, verify the version of your operating system.
  2. Fix HP CD/ DVD into your player. After that place the printer driver by searching suitable printer driver from 5542 website.
  3. Download and install the latest HP printer software on windows for HP Envy 5542 printer device to obtain the installation process smoother.
  4. If you are confused with printer driver selection then enter the model number of your printer and try to search the required printer driver from the available list of printer drivers and software.
  5. For driver installation process, choose the network connectivity. Also, choose the required connectivity.
  6. Try to print files from 5542 printer device after the successful printer driver installation on windows by selecting a file on Windows.

Steps for Driver Installation for Mac

Follow below steps for HP Envy 5542 printer device for installing the driver on Mac device:

  1. Firstly, select the compatibility of Mac operating system. Continue the below steps to complete the driver installation process.
  2. Choose Apple menu and then click on the system preferences to inspect whether your 5542 printer device is been added to the list or not.
  3. After that, check the availability of your printer. Select HP Envy 5542 printer device from the list of printers and click on next button to complete the installation process.
  4. Concentrate on the usage of Print or Use using HP Envy 5542 printer device.
  5. Now, fix the USB connecting cable into the port. Wait for sometime to detect the cable.
  6. Select the driver and click on download button to download the printer driver.
  7. Unplug the cables from 5542 printer once successfully installed the printer driver.
  8. Now, try to continue to get the printouts from HP Envy 5542 printer device.

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