Driver Installation Steps for Printer

To start with this printer, you firstly have to remove all the packaging material and tape from 5540 printer. Take out HP Envy 5540 printer device from the box very carefully. After that, connect your printer to the power socket so that you can feed the power to your printer and can take out print out. To print out the documents, you also have to install the ink cartridge. In case, if it is already installed then move to the next phase. If it is not installed then install the ink cartridges by taking out the ink cartridge from the package and insert it into the respective slots. In the next step, load a stack of plain papers into the input paper tray avoiding the crumbles and wrinkles. In this way, you can complete the primary setup of HP Envy 5540 printer setup and you can easily install the printer drivers and software for your printer. 5534

Simple Steps for Driver Installation for Windows

  1. Confirm the connection of HP Envy 5540 printer with your computer. Also, make sure that both of them are connected to the same network.
  2. After that, download the printer driver software from 5540.
  3. After completing the downloading of HP Envy 5540 printer driver, it will automatically saved to your system.
  4. Use HP download and install assistant.
  5. Click on Next button and then tap on Install now option to install the printer driver.
  6. If you have USB connection then remove it for updating the network printer.
  7. Search Windows for printers and drivers after removing the USB cable.
  8. Click on printers and devices in the list of available results.
  9. Select the printer device which matches with your printer model. Remove the printer by selecting the remove device option.
  10. At last, disconnect USB cable and restart your printer.

Steps for Driver Installation for Mac

  1. Make sure that your computer and 5540 printer are connected to the same network.
  2. Download the printer driver and software based on your operating system. Click on driver and then click on download. After downloading the driver, it will saved automatically.
  3. Open the downloaded file.
  4. Select your printer and then click on continue button to install the driver.
  5. Now, you will be prompted to agree with some terms and conditions.
  6. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the installation process for your Mac device.

First Time Setting Up Setup Steps for Printer

HP Envy 5540 has an extreme level of functionalities such as printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. It is an appropriate printer for home and office use. This printer provide high-quality printing documents, faster transmit and better ink yield in the scanning process. It is known as significant model which fits for the clients requirements like faster accuracy, increased productivity and faster speed. It has the feature of wireless printing for those people who deals with mobile printing solutions.

First Time Setting Up HP Envy 5540 Printer

  1. Remove the printer out from the packing to achieve HP Envy 5540 printer setup. Check the package of printer for all the list of items that comes along with printer.
  2. Lift up the lid of the scanner. Remove the packing tape all around the printer.
  3. Also remove the tap and all the packing material from the printer to clean out the area. Remove the ink cartridge access area.
  4. Remove the packing tape from the paper tray door by extending the door from outer side. Push the paper tray in forward direction.
  5. Plug in your printer into an electrical socket and turn it ON. Set the preferences.
  6. To configure HP Envy printer setup fully and to select the language, press the down arrow on the control panel.
  7. Press the down button of control panel to set the region and country. Remember to click on OK button after each action.
  8. Pull out the tray extender and the paper tray to load the papers.
  9. The slider width guide of your printer can be adjusted to outermost positions.
  10. Push the paper tray forward after loading and aligning the paper.
  11. The ink cartridge of your 5540 have to be loaded through the access door which is lifted and locked.
  12. The ink cartridge automatically moves to its accessible position as the door is lifted.
  13. For the setup of HP Envy printer, the ink cartridge should be silent and idle.
  14. Remove the plastic tape from the top of the printer without touching the ink nozzles after taking out the ink cartridge from the package.
  15. Raise the lid of the ink cartridge slot and press the cartridges as it snaps into place.
  16. Repeat the same action for other ink cartridge of your printer. Close the lid of printer to secure the cartridges in their appropriate places.
  17. Follow the instructions on the control panel to align the ink cartridge and to close the access door of the print cartridge.
  18. After alignment of the ink cartridge, your printer can print the alignment page.

How to Resolve Troubleshooting Issues of

Introduction to HP Envy 5540 Printer

HP Envy 5540 printer is known as a multifunctional printer. It has the ability to copy, scan, print and WLAN facility. This printer provides excellent quality printing at a cheaper cost. It is a wireless printer offering a single range for establishing a cloud print network. HP 5540 printer has excellent features like borderless printing and auto-duplex printing. It comes up with Printables content that enables printing over a cloud network. This printer works very fast when it is connected with a USB connection. You can also connect your printer directly to the mobile device. You can easily download the drivers or software of HP Envy 5540 printer at 5540. 5540

Basic Information about HP Envy 5540 Printer

  • Replace your ink cartridge if you are receiving a low ink level message on your screen. It is important to replace the ink cartridge because a low level of ink give poor quality of printing.
  • When you use a refilled ink cartridge, then your printer renders the quality of the output and also indicates a wrong ink level.
  • Open safety tape of ink cartridge carefully before their installment.
  • Always use genuine HP ink cartridge forexcellent printing qualities.
  • Turn off the printer when you are not using it because if you turn ON your printer for a longer time, then it can affect the ink quality and make it dry.

How to Resolve Troubleshooting Issues of HP Envy 5540 Printer?

  1. Ensure that all the connections that you are made between your printer and computer are correct and secure. There is always a need for secure connections to print the document.
  2. Turn on your printer to proceed with the printing process. If the printer is switched on then lite white light blinks on it.
  3. Ensure that your printer is connected to your preferred network. Also, do not forget to check the status of your wireless light.
  4. A solid blue light blinks when your printer is connected with a network and you can print your document.
  5. If a slow blinking light shows on the wireless status light, then it means that your printer is not connected to your network.
  6. Also, check that your printer is within the range of router or not.
  7. If the light blinking at a faster rate on your printer, then it means that there is a wireless error. To check the error, you can refer to the message which is displayed on your printer.
  8. If your wireless light is off then turn on your wireless device.
  9. After turning on your device, try to print the document.
  10. You can also download the HP diagnostic tools from 5540 at free cost. The HP diagnostic tools will detect the issue automatically and also tries to resolve the issue.