Simple Steps of Mobile Printing at 5546

HP Envy 5543 is a multi functional printer with strong features such as printing, faxing, copying and scanning. It supports wireless networking and automatic duplex printing. 5546 printer is suitable for home and office. It is less expensive as compared to other printer products of HP. This printer also offers duplex printing. It comes with wireless connectivity with which you can print the documents at any time and from any where. If you want to get the wireless connectivity to print the documents and photos then you have to setup your printer accordingly. Also, you have to set your connection type as wireless during downloading and installing the printer driver software.

Steps of 5546 ePrint Setup

Follow below steps to setup ePrint on 5546 printer:

  1. HP Envy 5546 printer has the capability to support ePrint. Make sure that your printer does not connect by USB setup for your printer.
  2. Ensure that your network must connect to HP envy 5546 printer so that it offer the required services to the users.
  3. Select the strong network and then restart the router. Open the control panel of 5546 printer and turn on the website services.
  4. Get email address of your printer from 5546 information page. Send the documents to email address to print documents from your mobile device.
  5. Make sure that you has a valid email address to send documents to HP Envy 5546 printer device with necessary fields.

Steps of 5546 Cloud Print Setup

Follow below instructions step-by-step to setup cloud print on 5546 printer:

  1. Firstly, check that 5546 printer is connected to the wireless connect setup properly.
  2. Make sure that wireless network link of your HP Envy 5546 printer is active or not. After active the wireless network, you will get the required support from 5546.
  3. Open a web browser on a computer. You can view the registered list of devices and printers on Google Chrome.
  4. If your HP Envy 5546 printer is not added on list then Add your printer to my Device list on Google Chrome.
  5. Open document which you want to be printed on your desired device. After that, click on Cloud Print. Select 5546 printer from the list of the devices.

At last, click on Print. Now, your device is ready to print the documents.

Hardware Setup and Installation of 5546 printer

HP Envy 5546 printer is used for wireless printing. It can be used anywhere and everywhere to print the documents or photos. It is a affordable printer which is used to produce borderless printing with lab quality photos. With this printer, you can print bold and sharp documents. This printer is also able to print the documents wirelessly from network connected computer, laptop, smartphones and tablet. You can also save the paper with this printer as it has the option of automatic two sided printing. It also decreases the consumption of power. The compact size of 5546 printer also saves a lot of space. It also supports mobile printing with which you can print the documents from anywhere. It allows you to print the documents directly without a wireless network.

There are some steps that need to follow before starting the printing from your device. You have to setup the hardware and install the setup of your printer. Firstly, you have to take out the printer from the box and remove all the plastic material and packing all around the printer. After that connect one end of the power cord to rear end of the printer. Connect another end of the power cord to the power source. Turn on your printer by pressing power button present at the left side of the printer.

During the initialization process of HP printer, it may create noise. You can set the preferred language, date, country and time by using upward or downward arrows. The printer screen prompt you to install the ink cartridges. After that, open the ink cartridge access door and install tri-colour cartridge on back cover of the cartridge. To remove the tape, use orange pull tape which covers ink nozzles and electrical contact.

In the next step, remove lock cover of tri-colour cartridge and move it towards the slot. Ensure that you place cartridge correctly in lock lever. Close lock lever. Do the same process in order to place the black cartridge. Close the ink cartridge access door. Your printer will find the installation of HP cartridge automatically. After that a confirmation message is displayed on the screen in the control panel of the printer. Press Ok to continue further. Load the paper into the input paper tray after installing the ink cartridge which is designed on different size of papers. The printer will print an alignment paper automatically. Place the paper downward which face the scanner glass after receiving the printed page under HP driver and software. At last, cover the scanner lid after placing the paper into it to continue the scanning process. You can set the printer to a wireless connection by using the software which comes along with printer. 5546: System Updates for HP Envy 5546 Printer

HP Envy 5546 is most compatible and compact size printer. It is a printer that can do printing, faxing, copy and scanning. At 5546, you can choose the printer driver which supports your printer. To use the HP Envy 5546 printer, you have to download the driver and install them properly. 5534

In case, you update the outdated and wrong drivers then it will effect your printer and its performance. It is also important to install all the printer driver carefully. The installation of driver also depends upon the type of system that you are using currently. There are different method to install the printer drivers for Windows and Mac devices.

Software Updates for HP Envy 5546 Printer for Windows

Follow the below steps at 5546 for successfully software updates on windows:

  1. Check the status of the working or downloaded software on which your Windows computer is connected.
  2. Open the device manager and open the folder for the analysis of your device by using the list.
  3. After that, click on 5546 printer update driver software option. Here, you can check the status whether there is any availability of software update or not.
  4. Once you setup software updates on your system, you can automatically check the updated driver software.

Software Updates for HP Envy 5546 Printer for Mac

Follow below steps to get HP Envy 5546 printer software update for Mac:

  1. Firstly, connect with the range of versions to run software on your Mac system.
  2. After that, select the option of system preferences by using Apple menu.
  3. Click at software update option available on the same page in order to get the predominant updating process.
  4. To install HP Envy 5546 driver, click on update now option. Here, you get the notification of all available software updates.
  5. Make a adequate space for the installation process. You also get the more info on the same running page about 5546 installation process.

What to do if Printer Setup Disk is Missing of HP Envy 5546?

  • Try to connect your printer by using USB cables. Remember to place your system adjacent to your printer.
  • After connecting your printer directly with USB cable, switch on your computer.
  • Wait for sometime to get instructions until the installation of your printer is completed.
  • The alternative method that you can use is to click on scanner and printer option on your system.
  • Click on your desired printer name i.e. HP Envy 5546 and follow on-screen instructions for successfully manage the disk related issues.